We can move a few light items, however, if you need more items to be moved you will need to help or may have to charge an cost extra. Heavy beds/furniture, lounge suites or valuable items will not be moved. Our expectation is that rooms/areas that require cleaning are cleared as best as possible.

Do you require electricity?

We require power in order to operate our steam cleaning equipment.

Do you vacuum?

We do vacuum, however, we do not remove rubbish from the carpets. We will not vacuum glass, chunks of food or other items. You will have to put these in the bin and clear the area before our arrival.

Do you remove stains?

Most stains come out in the general steam cleaning process. However, some stains are tougher, while others will not come out at all. It all depends on the type of stain and the type of carpet fibre being cleaned. Stain removal will cost extra if it requires more than a general steam clean, as it can take up a lot more time.

Are there chemicals left in my carpet?

Although we use chemicals in our pre-spray, they are rinsed out with hot water. No chemicals will remain in your carpet.

Can you provide me with a receipt?

We take all payments in cash on completion and provide a receipt via email. The receipt will include all our details for your records.

Let’s work together

Please get in touch if you require more information about our services.